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#SepiaMail Postcards

Let's face it, not everyone is on Facebook, and even if they are, they don't always see the photos you really want them to see. Sometimes, I just want a print of a photo to put on the fridge. #SepiaMail makes it easy to post a photo to Facebook, and have it sent as a 4x6 postcard to as many people as you want.

Sign up for Sepia, add #SepiaMail to your photo caption, and a #name for each person you want to send a postcard of the photo to.

Having an awesome time in Hawaii. Wish you all were here. #SepiaMail #grandma #sister #john
My grandmother, sister, and friend John are now going to get a real physical postcard of my trip to Hawaii in the mail.

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Sepia Emails

You and your friends upload massive numbers of photos, most of which you look at once, if at all, and never see again. Sepia emails are daily emails which sift through you and your friends photos to help you enjoy the photographic memories from your past.

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In addition, you can view your photos on this day in history with the Sepia iPhone and iPod app.

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